Taking a Bite Out of “Apple’s World”: 3 Reasons to go Android


Source: http://crambler.com/10-reasons-android-phone-better-than-iphone/

As each year passes, the world is revealed to the next set of greatest superphones. The Apple fan universe runs to their nearest Apple store to get their “best” phone, the iPhone. In the meantime, Android fans laugh at those people with an Apple device and declare their Androids kings of the smartphone world. I am personally part of the Droid Zone, and was a former IPhone owner. Below are 3 reasons why Android devices are superior to Apple devices, based on fact and personal knowledge:

Options Here, Options There, Options Everywhere!  

When I first indulged into the Android market, I realized there were a wide variety of devices suitable for everyone’s need. You need a phone that delivers 4K video and has an 18 megapixel camera? No problem. In the market for a phone that’s water, shock, dust and dirt proof? Androids got that too. Android even offers different size devices. In fact, a recent article by BGR.com states there are 18 000 Android models available ().

IPhone is pretty much what you see what you get. The model to model comparisons don’t vary by much, the only difference usually being a larger screen or an increase in memory. Besides that, there’s not much variation.


Personally, I think where android shows its superiority is in the hardware department. Differences in hardware performance cannot be debated as having better and faster hardware often makes for a more efficient and powerful phone.

To compare the two producers, we will take a look at their flagship phones… So, in this case, we shall look at the Apple IPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 in a table below that lists their hardware specs:

Screenshot (1)

Picture source: http://crambler.com/10-reasons-android-phone-better-than-iphone/

With a drastically faster processor, twice the amount of ram, a significantly bigger and more efficient battery, the option to add additional external storage as well as a camera with double the megapixels, it’s pretty clear that the Galaxy S5 blows the IPhone out of the water.

Android’s dominance in hardware can be seen in the “Welcome to 2012, Apple” campaign seen last year, depicted in the picture below.


Source: Click here to learn more about the picture above.


One of the most sought after options of androids is their versatility when it comes to customization. With abilities like customization of keyboards or app launchers, adding or discarding widgets that most suit your lifestyle or even the ability to emulate the layout of a Windows phone, it was hard not to choose an Android. The area of customization has always been a shortcoming for Apple iOS. The farthest customization really goes in an Apple device is pretty much changing your wallpaper. Again, Android wins.

In either case, both phones do have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages seen in Android do overpower the advantages of the IPhone. People should buy their device based on their personal needs whether it be simplicity in choosing the IPhone or choosing the abundance of phone choices in an Android, just know what option gets you the most out of your money.

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